How to Join Our Genealogy Forum

Our Bisonorbits Volume 2 Genealogy Forum is a private forum for family members. It is intended to supplement our online MyHeritage family tree, so (initially at least) it is limited to relatives of the Varro and Hassett families.

You will need the following things to register. Details about each item are provided below.

  1. An invitation code requested from Jim Hassett
  2. A user name of your choice
  3. A suitable password of your choice
  4. An email address at which you can be reached

Once you have an invitation code and some idea of a user name, go to the registration page, fill it in and hit the “Register my account now!” button. If the submitted information is accepted, you will immediately be logged in.

An email message will also be sent to the address you provided, and you should open the message and hit the “Activate NOW” button to activate your account. Until you activate your account, your actions on the website will be limited.

Invitation Code

Contact Jim Hassett (the owner and administrator of this website and the forum) asking him to provide an invitation code for the Genealogy Forum.

If he might not know you, please explain your relationship to the Hassett or Varro families.

Invitation codes have an expiration date (after one week, by default).

User Name

You'll need a name that is not already being used. Since the group of users is rather small, that shouldn't be a big problem (but "Hassett" might not be a good choice, for example). Even just your first name or nickname could work well (unless it's already taken).


While you might regard this website as low risk, remember that your password will provide access to information about you and about other users. Please choose a good password and protect it.

Email Address

You will need to provide a valid email address at which you can be reached (because the registration process requires you to use a message sent to the address you provide).

The system we use requires that each registered user must have a different email address, so people who use only a shared email address will need to share a single membership.