Jim and Peg Hassett Jim and Peg (at Clingmans Dome in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, April 2004)

Besides what you'll find here, we've got a lot of our most recent photos on our smugmug site.

Jim's Willowwood web log.

Family and Vacation Photos:

Boston Road Trip 2006

On the road in Massachusetts On October 20th, we began a long vacation drive to Boston. We have photos on our smugmug site, and we've also written a chronology of the trip (including lots of places where we didn't get pictures). There's an assortment of images and web links related to many of the places we went, and maybe more than enough details about the trip.

Bison Calf Video

Bison cow and calf
Short video (5.2 MB) While visiting Blue Mounds State Park in southwestern Minnesota on 27 August 2006, we saw the bison herd that is kept in the park. Behind the herd was a bison with a very young calf. The mother appeared to still have the umbilical cord dangling, as you may be able to see in this short video. Near the end, you'll see dust stirred up by another bison rolling on the ground.

Jim's Sleep Study

Jim wired for sleep
An account of Jim's latest polysomnography--a medical test that was an odd all-night experience involving an infrared video camera, lots of electrodes, and various other sensors--with a "nap study" the following day.

TCAP: Tossed-Camera Aerial Photography

aerial photo thumbnail
One simple way to take low-altitude aerial photos is to set a camera's self timer, and then toss the camera in the air a couple seconds before it takes the picture.

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