About the Site

Bisonorbits.net is Jim Hassett's personal website. To be more precise, it belongs to me, James E. Hassett, a retired software developer in Eagan, Minnesota.

I've had this site for years. Some content dating back as far as 2005 is now designated as Volume 1. It has seen little change since 2012, and over the years, some of its links haven't kept up with changes around the Web. I may eventually get around to cleaning up some of this linkrot.

Volume 2 was started in 2018, primarily to host a genealogy discussion forum that augments an online family tree. The forum is open to family members, who can check our instructions for joining.

About the Name

The name bisonorbits.net doesn't mean much, except that I have a long-standing interest in prairie, which inspired the “bison” part of the name. The name is deliberately ambiguous, as it can be read as either “bison or bits” or “bison orbits” (which in turn might mean the trajectories of space-faring bovines, or places where bison hang out, or even bison eye sockets).

Please note the .net ending (the “top-level domain” or TLD in Internet lingo). This site isn't commercial, organizational, governmental, or formally educational, so “net” seemed a good choice.